August 28, 2008

Please pray...

Very early this morning, Conor, Jake, and a group from our church, headed out to the other side of Ukraine. Earlier in the summer there was terrible flooding in Western Ukraine. The waters have receded and now there is need for clean up. Olya made contact with the pastor of a Baptist church in the area. He was extremely emotional and said that help is greatly needed. He was so happy to hear that we wanted to drive out and do some work. There was a lot of damage because of the flooding, people not only lost their homes, but they lost their gardens as well. All of the fruit and vegetables they planned on preparing for the winter months have been lost. It will take a long time to restore the area and a lot of help is needed in the smaller villages where there are many elderly people who can't do such hard work on their own.

Please pray for the group: Conor, Jake, Anya, Marina, Vlada, Valya, Mira, Olya, Adre, Greg, and Dominic. Pray for protection as they make the ten hour drive. Pray for direction as far as where to help and wisdom for how to help. Pray that a lot of fruitful labor would take place and that people would come to know Christ.

The plan is for the group to return early Sunday morning. I'll let you you know how things progress. Thank you for your prayers!

August 26, 2008

Black Sea Vacation

It was a blessing to get away for the week at the Black Sea. Our vacation was restful and the kids had a great time in the water. Thank you for all those that were praying for us to have a refreshing time. The Lord blessed it!