August 11, 2010

Voice Week

Here are some pictures from Voice week. Voice is our annual week long English course. It took place a few weeks ago and it was a really great week. We had about two hundred people come all five nights. It was a very comfortable, friendly place for people to come and work on their English and also be challenged to think about God. They heard the gospel every night. Over the past few weeks we have seen a handful of people come to church. It is encouraging to see God revealing himself to people here in Chernigov.
A wonderful group of people came from Fellowship In The Pass Church, our home church, to help with Voice. They were eager and ready to do whatever they could to help out. They were a true joy to be with! I'm very thankful that we were able to have them come and serve with our church!
I have also included here, photos from our time in the orphanages, and photos of a dinner that we put on at a local rehab center we just recently started visiting.





These two had a great time with their classes! (They all did!)



It was one of the hottest weeks of the summer.

We went through so much water.

We visited three different groups of orphans in our area.



The poeple at the rehab center were excited that we wanted to cook for them, but I think they were even more excited when they saw that we wanted to sit and talk and share the meal with them.

F.I.T.P. thanks again for coming!!!