February 5, 2010

It Just Keeps Coming Down

We thought February would bring some better weather and a little less snow... We were wrong! It as been snowing for the past three days.

There has been so much snow this year that some weeks it has been impossible to drive down our road.

Our church sign now sits high on a snowbank letting people know where the church is.

Gavin and Emma hope that snow keeps coming!

February 4, 2010

Christmas Concert

This year our church decided to put on a Christmas concert at the Philharmonic of Chernigov. A small mission team from Atlanta, Georgia, was able to come and help us with the event. One of the men on the team, David Carnes, is a concert pianist and he agreed to play at our concert. David played his own arrangements of American Christmas songs and Ukrainian folk/Christmas songs. The audience really enjoyed the music. After, Pastor Jake was able to share about Christmas and God’s loving plan of salvation through the incarnation of God. People from our church baked homemade desserts which we served with coffee and tea. Our church worked hard to make it a special evening for our guests. We spent the evening talking with people that normally might not step into a church. It was a wonderful time, a simple and fun way to get to know people and share Christ with them.

We were really excited to be able to rent the Philharmonic for the concert.

Mr. Carnes doing his thing! He is amazing!!!!

Pastor Jake did a wonderful job explaining the the true meaning of Christmas, showing everyone that it is all about Jesus and what He as done for them.

Vlada was the perfect hostess for the event.

Miss Padiy has some great pictures of the event on her blog. Check out Underwater to see her take on the night.

February 3, 2010

Just A Little

That's a picture of Gavin around the same age.