April 7, 2011

Going Out

"Arden, do you want to go outside? "


"EEESSSSSSSSSS" It's been a long winter...

April 3, 2011

Kids, Cakes & Ninjas

Every Sunday evening I head over to one of the local orphanages with a group of people from our church to spend time with the kids. We usually do a Bible study, games, and crafts... but last Sunday was my 31st birthday. So, after celebrating with my family, I headed over to the orphanage to have a party with these little guys. It was a good day! Here are a few pic's of the time with them. Please be praying for these children!

The Ninja's are ready!

Marina liked the cake...


April 2, 2011

Heaven's Here

Today, Randy Alcorn's book, "Heaven" arrived! It's the latest book to be translated and published by In Lumine media. In Lumine is a publishing house that was started by Jake Knotts (my buddy and fellow pastor) to spread Christ-exalting, God-centered, gospel-based resources for the Russian and Ukrainian speaking (reading) world. It's always exciting when a new book comes off the press! It's another book to encourage people towards Christ over here. This book will! It was great seeing the first shipment of three thousand books come today!

I'm "Head of Distribution" at In Lumine.

"Heaven" by Randy Alcorn

The warehouse

Olya and Jake have done a lot of work to see this day! Olya is a wonderful gal in our church and has been working with In Lumine from the very beginning. She is also co-founder of There's A Love.