April 3, 2011

Kids, Cakes & Ninjas

Every Sunday evening I head over to one of the local orphanages with a group of people from our church to spend time with the kids. We usually do a Bible study, games, and crafts... but last Sunday was my 31st birthday. So, after celebrating with my family, I headed over to the orphanage to have a party with these little guys. It was a good day! Here are a few pic's of the time with them. Please be praying for these children!

The Ninja's are ready!

Marina liked the cake...



Elysia said...

I have really been enjoying the abundance the blog posts lately. Thank you so much for sharing what is going on in your lives! It is so encouraging! Happy Birthday, Conor! Thanks for giving of yourself to these precious children.
Elysia Larson

Anonymous said...

I agree with Elysia. Keep the posts coming. I'm so happy to know you guys are showing love to those kids. It's so beautiful. Your new profile pic is awesome, too. :) Aimee

m | h said...
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m | heck said...

This made me smile, Conor. Thank you for that. Those kids look genuinely happy to have you guys in their lives. Thank you for that too.

Keep it coming/going.

Conor and Koren said...

Thanks for the encouraging words! I'd been going through a bit a of hard time... not wanting to document our lives anymore. Just wanting to forget the camera and enjoy the moments without thinking about anything else.

Danny & Lise foote have been huge encouragmentes in this area. They got me blogging again.

It's NOW my joy to share you with you guys!

I really do appreciate the kind words! Love you guys! Conor

Laura said...

Hello from Mozambique!
I found your blog thru Missionary Blogs .com.
I may be heading to Kyiv in August for two weeks for classes so was checking out Ukraine blogs. I love all your photos.
I work in a children's center, we have over 250 kids! I live in a dorm with currently 27 boys, ages 4-8. So I love that you spend time at a local orphanage!
Blessings, Laura

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