April 28, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

This past Sunday we were able to head outside with the children at the Orphanage down the street from our house. We had the Bible study outside and then ran around and played with the kids in the yard. It was so nice playing with them outside in the sun. Spring is here!

Something happened after the Bible study that caught my attention. We gave the kids a bunch of sidewalk chalk and told them to have fun. There is a little patch of pavement in the courtyard. The kids ran over to it and started drawing animals, some drew funny faces, while the girls played hopscotch. I noticed that two little boys had taken their chalk and drawn crosses on the pavement. I walked over to one of them and asked him about his drawing. He told me "I drew the cross that Jesus died on so that he could forgive our sins!" To see this little guy run from the Bible study, draw a cross and tell me its meaning made me so happy! Thank you all for praying for the orphans that our church visits each week. The Lord is good and He is opening the eyes of these little ones to the gospel.

Marina thanks for the pictures!

April 3, 2010

Church Babies

Lev and Arden hanging out together before church. They are only 2 weeks apart.