January 16, 2010

The Money Box

Yes, "the money box". It all started with a little cardboard box with a hole in the top. While we were in CA this summer, Emma came to me with a shoe box and asked me to cut a hole in the top. So, I did and didn't really think much more about it. But them Emma kept on asking me for the change in my pockets. "Papa, do you have any coin money?" Every time she would see my wallet out she would ask, "Do you have a one dollar I could have? Please, Dad! " We started to think that this little girl was getting a little money hungry! Then, after being asked yet again if I had any money for her "money box", I asked Emma what she was planning on doing with all her money. Her answer was this, "I want to buy toys for the kids with no moms and dads at the orphanage when we get back to Ukraine." Hearing this response made Koren and I so happy. Our little girl was not becoming a little miser. God was working in her heart love for others.

Soon after, Emma had the idea to put up a Lemon-aide stand at Grandma Kathy's house to see if she could raise a little more money for the kids. (I think that Grandma bought most of the lemon-aide). As word spread about Emma's box, the Lord put it on a dear friend's heart to give a donation for the children. We soon were informed that a church had given a donation as well. It blew us away how the Lord provided this money and how He was using Emma to be a part of His work.

So here we are... Yesterday we took that "money box" money and bought soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, fruit, and a few other things and made up twenty-five gift bags. Recently we found out about an orphanage that we didn't know existed. It is a home for children that have just lost their parents or have had to be taken from their homes for a number of reasons. I was told that there were about twenty kids right now and that they ranged from ages three to sixteen. After visiting the place a few times by myself, we thought that it would be a great place to use the money. We told Emma about these 2o kids and she thought it was the perfect place to take gifts. After talking with the staff we thought that tooth brushes and that sort of thing would be the best way to use the money. You can see by the pictures that the kids were very excited about these little bags.

Emma was so happy to see this whole thing coming together!

It was all up to the kids to get these bags ready.

It was a wonderful time with the children and the staff. The head teacher even asked me if I would say a few words to the children and the entire staff about the gifts. It was a great time to share who these gift were really from. I was able to share with them how much God loves them and what He has done for them! The head teacher also invited us to start coming in weekly from now on. Please be in prayer for this orphanage. There are currently twenty-four children living there. The Lord has opened wide the doors for us to minister there. Gavin and Emma are thrilled to be a part of it and we are excited to see the Lord using them.

Thank you Lord and thank you for using our five year old!

We love you Emmushka!

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